Moncon Inc has set a standard in construction for the past 9 years under the leadership of our President, Stephen McKernan. The company’s management framework is comprised of construction professionals of various disciplines including personnel in Estimating, Project Scheduling, Project Management, Professional Engineers, Field Management, and certified Concrete Safety Managers. Our field crews consist of skilled Machine Operators, Riggers, Lathers, Carpenters, Concrete Masons, Waterproofing Specialists, Master Drillers, Drivers, Mechanics, as well as Laborers, complete with required Certification and Licenses. In addition, having a large fleet of in house owned machinery including Drill Rigs, Excavators, Tractor Trailers, Concrete Pumps, Knuckle booms among numerous others gives us the opportunity and flexibility to deliver a project in a cost efficient manner while satisfying clients with early completion dates.

Our expertise includes Deep Foundations, Secant Piles Systems, Pile Driving, Pile Drilling, Site Dewatering, Underpinning, Support of Excavation, Caisson and Pile Installation, Earth Retention, Excavation, Waterproofing, Foundation Concrete, Superstructure Concrete and all Street and Tower Crane support. We have successfully completed superstructure concrete in excess of 2,000,000 square feet and have completed a wide range of foundations in excess of 350,000 square feet.

Our primary goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. This is accomplished by being selective of which projects we undertake, providing the highest quality of professionalism, and by maximizing productivity while minimizing waste. We strive to adhere to all codes and specific projects requirements. Our talented workforce carries out our work using their in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of construction while maintaining excellent people skills to aid in a smoothly run project. We take pride in employing individuals who have demonstrated a continuous growth in professional development, by successfully completing training seminars and Continuous Education Programs. It is understood that their personal growth contributes to the growth of our company.

Safety is emphasized on each and every one of our jobsites to stress our commitment to our employees and our vendors. A safe jobsite not only gets people home safe every evening, but it creates an efficient, high quality job environment for our employees and our customers.